sales Simulator
for assessment, onboarding and training of the salespeople

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Video meetings tailored for sales
Emulate different types of clients with AI, connect to the meetings in shadow mode for mentoring, simulate technical issues within stress-focused interview
Watch the video
AI-DRIVEN analytics
Leverage AI to provide insights on sales pitch, transcribe and analyze calls in minutes, track client's attention, emotions and feedback
Seamless CRM Fill-OUT
Relieve the burden of collecting notes, action items and next steps from the sales reps and automatically fill out your CRM
Achieve fantastic results
Win Rate
Lead Convertion
Sales productivity
Faster new sales rep

improve your sales team

AI Coach and Copilot
Connect different AI bots for candidate screening interviews and employee training
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Shadow mode
Coach your team behind the scenes, prompt by voice or gestures during the meeting
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Meeting plan and notes
Guide your meeting by pre-defined plan and templates, while capturing the notes in real time
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Save time on routine

CRM integration
Fill-out CRM with data automatically during the call, concentrate on closing deals instead of updating CRM
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Predefined follow-ups
Generate the follow-up message out of corresponding meeting notes
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Meeting templates
Design your own or reuse curated templates based on sales best practices
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Improve your pitch with deep analytics

Attention tracking
Capture viewers’ attention per slide every minute
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Buyer's feedback scoring
Score buyer's feedback and compare it to the historical data
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AI-powered pitch optimization
Leverage AI to get valuable insights for improving your future sales pitches based on buyer's behavior pattern and historical data
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