NEXT-GEN collaboration
for your apps and services

Video conferencing + data streaming on-premise and in the cloud
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Beyond the video
Stream all kinds of data with extra low latency via WebRTC: facial expressions, spatial coordinates, biometrics, location, device telemetry and other signals for browser, mobile and VR/AR apps.
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Your infrastructure or cloud
Hosts on-premise or in public cloud. Reduce the cost (5 times) by hosting on your cloud, pay for what you use!
Embedded and modular
Add video, audio and VR/AR tools to your apps and services.

how is it different
from Zoom or Facetime?

True 3D, Immersive experience
Jetconf allows to create 3D scenes as if it was IRL. In addition to video, we can stream facial expressions, spatial coordinates and other signals from participants’ devices.
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Vector graphics
Jetconf transfer vector objects directly without any blur, while other services transmit graphics throw the video stream.
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Jetconf pre-built components can easily be embedded into third-party services and customized without any coding.
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Product offering

Free for non-commercial use
  • Video meetings and webinars: <12 speakers, <100 viewers
  • Avatars in a 3D scene: up to 4 participants
  • Screen and slide sharing (PDF)
  • Chat and comments
  • Basic participant management
EMBEDDED (On-premise or Cloud)
Integrate with existing services or create new ones
  • Video meetings and webinars: <12 speakers, <100 viewers
  • Avatars in a 3D scene: up to 4 participants
  • Video recordings (cloud, unlimited storage)
  • Screen and slide sharing (PDF)
  • Chat and comments
  • Comprehensive user management
  • Role, permission management (API)
  • Embedding into existing services
  • Additional real-time signals: emotions, eye-tracking, etc.

ways to use

    Use our SDK to build your apps on top of our API the way you want them and where you want them! No strings attached
  • Pre-built UI
    Use our pre-built UI in embedded (frame) or full-screen apps, leverage the layout with all options and controls, while being able to host it on-premises or in cloud
  • End user Service
    “Meet now” or scheduled sessions/events/webinars in our fully-managed cloud-hosted service
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Use cases

    Next-gen team collaboration. Sprinkle otherwise dull meetings with
    Metaverse-like features
  • Virtual events
    Offer participants new ways to interact. Create collaboration and networking space
    available both via browser and VR headset
  • Certifications
    Let doctors and nurses interact with patients via video conference and collect and analyze their vitals (pulse, EKG, blood pressure, etc.) from various supported devices:
  • EDUCATION & tranings
    Make sure the exams go as planned - capture the attention direction as well as attention span in real time and exclude distraction and cheating
  • Tele-HEALTH
    Increase student and trainee participation by using new tools, gamify their education and trainings. Trainees can interact with 3D objects in a group setting and to improve the efficiency of content consumption
    Use Computer Vision to recognize quality and quantity of workouts, while collecting participants’ vitals through their wearables in real time
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